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About Us

Do you know a young girl who deals with or has low self-esteem, self worth or self confidence? Or do you just want a young lady to learn more about her esteem, worth and confidence?


Well we have just the program for you! I’m Pretty Too! is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that every girl and woman has the knowledge she needs to recognize her own value. Our mission is to empower young girls and women to take pride in their own inner and outer beauty. We aim to inspire every woman to become unapologetically who they are!


What I’m Pretty Too! Offers:


We offer young women empowerment workshops to girls in the greater Chicago and Atlanta area between the ages of 9 and 18. These workshops focus on three major pillars of self: self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. 


 In addition, we will be hosting a inaugural Women’s Empowerment Conference for women 18 and older. The conference will highlight the same pillars as mentioned above as well as showcasing additional speakers and other partner organizations with similar interests. To partner, be a presenter or to just learn more please contact us.


I'm Pretty Too! is dedicated to making a difference and breaking the social status quo of beauty, one girl, one woman at a time.

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