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I'm Pretty Too! teaches young women the beauty in being different and how to celebrate those unique differences by becoming unapologetically who they are!


Learn About What We Do!

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Our Mission

To empower young girls and women to take pride in their own inner and outer beauty. We aim to inspire every woman to become unapologetically

who they are!

Our Vision

To ensure that every girl and woman has the knowledge she needs to recognize

her own value.

 I''m Pretty Tuesdays Campaign
Every woman deserves a day other than her birthday to be celebrated!
     I'm Pretty Tuesdays... 
was created just for that reason. Every Tuesday we will highlight a well-known woman as well as an "everyday" woman who is making strides in the community or just need a little reminder of how special they are! If you would like to help us in celebrating a woman you feel is deserving of this recognition, please feel free to send your submission to us at Their picture along with a small "shout-out" will appear on our IG and FB page. Help us empower and celebrate each others unique beauty and talents.
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"After I'm Pretty Too!,

 I will look in the mirror differently now" ! 

- IP2 Participant: Age 14

" You made me realize that the only opinion that  matters, is my own."

- IP2 Participant: Age 13

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